Non siamo soli – Caritas


2018 was the year of the 70th birthday of the Human Rights Declaration. I was asked to make a campaign to celebrate this milestone of society. The solution was found to be in the first line of the declaration: human rights exist because we are not alone. “We are not alone” (“non siamo soli” in Italian) is a powerful statement: in the years of walls and social disruption, saying that we are all part of a big group that is the human family means saying that helping others and being helped is not charity, it’s something we are all supposed to do.

“We are not alone” isn’t only a strong message: every adv had a phone number open 24h seven days a week. People could call asking for help, to help others, or just to talk with someone and feel a little bit less lonely. Communication can make a difference.

Special thanks to Kreativehouse (Matteo Martignoni and Cristian Grossi) for helping me out to figure the right direction and the message for this campaign.