Previously at Base Design (NYC), 2×4, Kreativehouse.

I’m Andrea Bianchi, and that’s a challenge when I look for available usernames (it’s the Italian of John Smith). Recent BFA graduate from the European Institute of Design (IED) in Milan. I believe in balance and irregularity. Clarity, and complexity. Narration, and factuality. Micro, and macro. Process, and experimentation. Learning, and unlearning. The idea of design as intersection, culture, and transformation.

Features & Awards
ADCI Gold (Students), Behance (Graphic Design, Student Show, Indesign, Illustrator), Ètapes connect, Fontsinuse, Fresh Fonts, Neo2 Magazine, IdN Magazine, The Design Blog, @aigaeyeondesign, @swissgraphicdesign, @designersbookshop, @koolector.

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